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As there will not always be enough stock is, we let you know immediately when your order will be delivered.

You would like to produce your own healthy Kefir-, Kombucha beverage, then send an email.

The cost for the fresh:

Waterkefir grains         25 grams   € 4,95 

Waterkefir grains         50 grams   € 8,95

Waterkefir grains       100 grams  € 14,95

Kombucha-Scoby tea/sugar culture approx 8-10 cm per piece   € 

Milk kefir grains (cows milk)  25 grams                €  6,95  

1 Glass Kefir jar/ferment jar "Tulp"(1062 ml) with airlock                    12,95

1 Glass Kefirjar/ferment jar "Tulp"(1750 ml) with airlock                     14,95

Kombucha Starter Kit I      € 36,00

Kombucha Starter Kit II     € 49,95

Kombucha Starter Kit IIA    52,95

Melkkefir Starter Kit I       34,95

Waterkefir Starter Kit I     34,95

Waterkefir Starter Kit II    48,95

The prices are exclusive of packing and shipping charges.

The portions Kefir, Kombucha are sufficient to start producing your own healthy beverage for everyday use.

Our packaging is a stable solid cardboard mailbox pack!

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